“Whenever I look in at the little window, I unfold the matting, I sow the peas, I put in a crust of bread, everyone sees bits, but not everyone will tell: for one is light, for another it is dark, but for me it is blue.”

~ old Russian Riddle

I am a multidisciplinary artist perched at a crossroads, fascinated by the space where the mundane and mythic collide. Much of what I make stirs from the unconscious, sprouting from a seed of intention, often touched by a wisp of a gale pushing forth unto seemingly scattered musings. Form unfolds as elliptic and symbolic imagery altering perception of time and offering new paradigms. Over the years much of my passion and creativity have gone into making my life a work of art, transforming the everyday into tiny offerings, whispering clandestine missives into the mouths of the invisible.

Since 1996, I have been engaged in creative endeavors, privately and publicly, in the Pacific Northwest. I have been charmed to work with so many wonderful artists, performing, dancing, filming, working, collaborating, creating and curating (over the span of 20 years) at some of the following: Arts Edge, On The Boards (12 min max), C.O.C.A, Northwest Film Forum, Washington Lawyers for the Arts benefit showcase, Seattle Art Museum (Remix), LadyFest Olympia, artist in residence at Studio Current, The Evergreen State College, Poncho Theatre at Cornish College of the Arts, Nantes University Dance Festival, The Poitiers University Contemporary Dance Festival, and many moons ago at numerous music venues. Currently, I hatch visual serenades, write, teach and when in the mood create sounds from a myriad of musical devices.

In the thicket,

Note: Mostly, everything on this blog is work that I have created in some fashion – with the exception of the category: Ornament. Please be kind and cite me if you choose to share my work with others.

• B.A. The Evergreen State College: Psychology and Expressive Arts
• The Institute for the Study of Somatic Education: San Francisco teacher training in The Feldenkrais Method